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The 80th API

Apr 18, 2018

From 11th ,Apr to 13th Apr,our company had attended the 80th API.

At this exhibition, our company booth was full of customers, and there were many customer consultations. Our company's licorice products have a large market share in China, especially Ammonium glycyrrhizinate, 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid (Enoxolone), Diammonium glycyrrhizinate, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, licorzinc, licorzinc, our company only has a GMP certificate for the country. Exclusive sales, sales of a good market, other competitors, in a short period of time can not cause too much impact on us.

Ammonium glycyrrhizinate and 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid (Enoxolone) are not only sold domestically, but Ammonium glycyrrhizinate is ready for product registration in Japan. Although the cycle is long, after the registration is completed, it will no longer be restricted in the Japanese market. 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid (Enoxolone) will also be registered with the FDA in the United States.