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Glycyrrhetinic Acid(Enoxolone)had Entered The Pharmaceutical And Cosmetics Market In South Korea

Nov 07, 2018

The latest news is that the quality products of our company, glycyrrhetinic acid(Enoxolone), have entered the pharmaceutical and cosmetics market in South Korea. High quality products and low price make our licorice products sell well in Korea.

Glycyrrhetinic acid(Enoxolone) is a classic anti-inflammatory drug, which can be used in cosmetics to regulate the immune capacity of the skin, enhance the disease resistance of the skin, eliminate inflammation, prevent allergies, clean the skin, and also remove the toxic and side effects of cosmetics and other external factors on the skin. It can also effectively inhibit the activation of tyrosinase, prevent the production of melanin, has a whitening effect.

Main applications:

Anti - inflammatory, anti - oxidation, anti - aging, uv absorption, whitening skin, freckle.


This product is dissolved in 95% ethanol solution, colorless clarification, and then added to cosmetics formula according to the procedure.


The suggested usage amount is 0.5‰-5‰, and the customer can increase or decrease appropriately according to the requirements of the product.

Packaging and storage:

500g/ aluminum foil bag, 10kg/cardboard bucket. Can also according to customer demand packaging. Pay attention to avoid light and keep in a closed position.

Quality standard:

Content: 98% (HPLC) 97% (Titr)

We welcome cosmetic purchasers and pharmaceutical manufacturers from all over the world to purchase glycyrrhetinic acid(Enoxolone), whose quality meets the European Union's pharmaceutical standards.

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