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Licorice Extracts for Tobacco

Licorice Extract Spray Dried Powder

Licorice Extract Spray Dried Powder

Product Name: Licorice Extract spray dried Powder
· Resource: 100% natural liquorice roots
· Certificate: cGMP
· Transport Package: 25kg -all Paper carton
· HS Code: 1302.12
· CAS NO:68916-91-6
Grade:This products complies with CP2015 and USP35 standards
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Licorice Extract spray dried Powder

Licorice Extract spray dried Powder that is production process one kinds

Of dry way,the liquorice root extract, under certain temperature and pressure, a mist shot out, and then into powder, because of the bulk density is too large, after crushing, and into. In the hot and cold water solubility is very good, almost 100% dissolved, no residue. In the tobacco industry, it is mainly used for flavouring agent and improve the taste of tobacco, reduce the content of nicotine, phlegm cough, reduce smokers, caused by smoking of phlegm, cough, sore throat and other symptoms. In the tobacco production enterprises, and where the tobacco design engineers, licorice cream as a relatively good, price is low, and the effect is very good plant extract raw materials.

Basic Info

Product Name: Licorice Extract spray dried Powder

· Resource: 100% natural liquorice roots

· Certificate: cGMP 

· Shelf Life:36-moths

· Transport Package:  25kg -all Paper carton

· Origin:Xinjiang, China

· HS Code: 1302.12

· Trademark: FUJIE

· CAS NO:68916-91-6

Grade:This products complies with CP2015 and USP35 standards  


capacity:1500T every year





Yellow brown fine powder, Persistent and Characteristic Sweet taste


Positive reaction

Particle size

95% pass 80#mesh

Bulk density 


Tapped density 


Loss on drying 


Total ash


Water insoluble 




Heavy metals 


Lead content  


Arsenic content 


Cadmium content 


Mercury content 


Total plate count 


(Glycyrrhizic acid by HPLC) HPLC


(by gravitimeter)



1. we have 667 million square meters of licorice planting base.

2.we have seven thousands squares meters warehouse in UAS Los Angeles. Here,we have 10-20t licorice root powder extract stock every moth.

3. we have D-U-N-S™ Number

4. Registration with the FDA

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