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Licorice Cosmetic Ingredient

Licorice Extract for Dark Spots

Licorice Extract for Dark Spots

【English Name】licorice extract for dark spots Glycyrrhizic Flavone
【Appearance】brown-red thick liquid
【Solubility】It is insoluble in water and various oil ester, soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol, glycerin and some organic solvents.
【Specfication】 Loss on drying: ≤1.0%.
Heavy metal :≤2ppm
Arsenic salt:≤10ppm
Glabridin ≥ 0.38%.
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licorice extract for dark spots

English Name】licorice extract for dark spots Glycyrrhizic Flavone

Appearance】brown-red thick liquid

Solubility】It is insoluble in water and various oil ester, soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol, glycerin and some organic solvents.

Loss on drying: ≤1.0%.

Heavy metal :≤2ppm

Arsenic salt:≤10ppm

Glabridin ≥ 0.38%.

Flavonoid test: positive.

Test method】UV 
Application fields

licorice extract for dark spots Licorice flavonoids from a specific variety of licorice extract natural whitening agent, it can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and inhibit the dopa pigment interconvert and DHICA oxidase activity, is a kind of rapid, efficient, green spot whitening cosmetics additive.

Sexual: brown-red thick liquid, insoluble in water and various oil ester, soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol, glycerin and some organic solvents.

Liquorice flavonoids - action.

Licorice flavonoids liquiritin, liquiritin yuan and radix asparagi phthalein amine, mannitol, etc., and compounds extracted from licorice, licorice flavonoids have a variety of effect in the hairdressing cosmetic, at the same time, licorice flavonoids and inhibit tyrosinase activity, removal of oxygen free radicals, have anti-inflammatory and anti allergy effects, which mainly comes from the glycyrrhizic acid iridium, glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid salt, also can inhibit capillary permeability.

There are also adrenal cortical hormones, and licorice has the role of salt corticosteroid and glucocorticosteroid. Hormone kind function principle, some people think that it is the chemical structure of glycyrrhetinic acid has similar points with adrenal cortical hormone, is a kind of direct action, but also some people think that is the indirect effect, namely the glycyrrhetinic acid inhibits adrenal cortical sterols in the body of damage, and thus blood levels increase.

At the same time, licorice flavonoids and inhibit tyrosinase activity, remove oxygen from the base, its antioxidant capacity is close to quite with vitamin E licorice flavonoids with licorice for tonic medicine, tonic medicine contains proteins and amino acids, indicating, polysaccharide, fruit acid, vitamins, trace elements, etc., which protein and its hydrolysis amino acid used in cosmetics, skin, hair nourishing moisturizing effect, and to repair damaged skin, hair, so under the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, usually to add licorice flavonoid compound whitening fade spots, the clinical treatment of skin problems, the following:

1. Chloasma (li black spot);

2. Contact dermatitis caused by the use of various chemical agents;

3. The body blood heat is partial, combined with the diet, the invasion of exogenous, the blood depression, and the common bed sores;

4. Solar and drug-induced dermatitis;

5. Freckles caused by insufficiency of renal water;

Licorice flavonoids - specificity.

1. There are more antitoxin components in liquorice flavonoids, which have stronger effect.

TaKagi, a Japanese scholar, reported that after removing glycyrrhizin from licorice in northeast China, it obtained a flavonoid component, named FM100(the product is called Aspallon), which has anti-experimental peptic ulcer effect and anti-inflammatory effect. The drug has been marketed. The study showed that the drug could strengthen the antagonism of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

2. Glycyrrhizin (LF) has a strong inhibitory effect on collagen induced platelet aggregation.

Three flavonoids in licorice are 25 times more resistant to HIV than glycyrrhizin, and have attracted wide attention at home and abroad, according to the Japanese. At present, the flavonoids in the market are mostly crude extract, and the total flavonoids content in the general uv test is 45,90%, and there is also a HPLC method of 60%, which does not know what the measurement is.

Licorice flavonoids is multi-purpose and anti lipid peroxidation. Also have ulcer, spasmolysis, diabetes, depressive psychosis, inhibit platelet accumulation, anemia, resisting arrhythmia, anti-inflammatory, antitussive expectorant. To delay the function of human aging.

3. Useful licorice flavonoids on the market as an active ingredient for top spot whitening cosmetics. Licorice flavonoids can strong inhibit tyrosinase activity, so as to achieve better remove yellow, whitening, spot.

4. Scavenging oxygen free radicals with strong antioxidant capacity.

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The cosmetics of licorice flavonoids.

Have strong bacteriostatic and bactericidal ability.

It can reduce the scar or non-scarring pigmentation left after skin damage.

1. Whitening: inhibitory effect on tyrosinase activity, better than arbutin, tronic acid, Vc and hydroquinone. It also inhibits the activity of the dopamine mutase and DHICA oxidase. It has fast and efficient whitening efficiency.

2. SOD activity: the ability to scavenge oxygen free radicals similar to SOD(superoxide dismutase).

3. Antioxidant: antioxidant free radical ability that is similar to vitamin E.Dosage:

The recommended dosage is 0.3‰-2.0‰, which can be added or decreased according to the requirements of the product.

Packaging storage:

1000g/ aluminum foil bag, 10kg/ pail. Keep dry and sealed.

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