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18-beta-glycyrrhetinic Acid

18-beta-glycyrrhetinic Acid

Product Name: 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid
· Resource: Radix Glycyrrhiza licorice roots
· Shelf Life:24 months
Transport Package: 500g*20 aluminium foil bag or 10kg every Paper Drum
· Transport Package: 50
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18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid

Basic Info

· Product Name: 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid

· Resource: Radix Glycyrrhiza licorice roots


· Shelf Life:24 months

· Transport Package:  500g*20 aluminium foil bag or 10kg every Paper Drum

· Origin: Shaanxi , China

· Appearance: White crystalline powder.

· HS Code: 2938.90 

Content: 98.0 %to 101.0 %(dried substance).

· Trademark: FUJIE

· Molecular formula:C30H46O4

· MW:470.7

· CAS Number:471-53-4

Indications and usage:18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid can use for treatment peptic ulcer disease.

Grade:European Pharm 9.0

structural formula

18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid.jpg

Solubility:18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid practically insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, sparingly soluble in methylene chloride.It shows polymorphism .

Max capacity:our factory  can product 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid 50t every year

Advantage: we are china manufacturer that only have GMP in china.

Glycyrrhetinic acid 

Glycyrrhetinic acid pharmacological effects

Glycyrrhetinic acid has antibacterial and antitumor and adrenal cortical hormone kind function, anti-inflammatory allergy preparations can be made, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, allergy and occupational dermatitis, eye otolaryngology inflammation and ulcers, etc.

Glycyrrhetinic acid is a classical anti-inflammatory drugs, it is applied to cosmetics can adjust the immune function of the skin, enhance skin resistance, eliminate inflammation, prevent allergy, clean the skin, also can remove the side effects of cosmetics and other external factors on the skin. It also can effectively restrain the activation of tyrosinase, prevent the formation of melanin, whiten efficacy

Glycyrrhetinic acid development progress

1. Glycyrrhetinic acid anti-inflammatory effects:

Anderso and Tillman was first noticed glycyrrhetinic acid with hydrocortisone is similar in structure, it is used for the treatment of various skin diseases, by many clinical trials to confirm the effectiveness of glycyrrhetinic acid anti-inflammatory. Began, the general medical community in a series of pharmacological research, found that many of these derivatives have anti-inflammatory activity. Zakirov study found: 3 - amino - 11 - deoxidization glycyrrhetinic acid aseptic arthritis of all kinds of animals showed significant anti-inflammatory activity. Toyoshima etc were 11 - deoxidization glycyrrhetinic acid maleic acid ester and its salt, and as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well as the antiulcer agent and immune modulators, oral or topical treatment, has achieved good curative effect.

2. Glycyrrhetinic acid antiulcer effect:

1946 Revers the earliest reported licorice antiulcer effect. Since then, Europe greatly promote the research in this field, and actively engaged in the preparation of new drugs by glycyrrhetinic acid test. Glycyrrhetinic acid was synthesized succinate half ester disodium salt, and found that its effect on gastric ulcer healing. Demande 1972 French study found that 3 - acetyl - 18? - glycyrrhetinic acid and aluminium salt used in the treatment of duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, 

curative effect is obvious. In addition,

11 - deoxidization glycyrrhetinic acid amide, 3 - oxygen - acetyl of glycyrrhetinic acid amide, canker of treatment effect is very remarkable.

3. The hyperplasia of glycyrrhetinic acid antitumor activity:

Takizawa, 1985 Japanese study found that: glycyrrhetinic acid hyperplasia of rat skin tumor inhibition. Nishino and Hoyoku on related structures of glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives has carried on the extensive research, found that 18? - qi pier fruit alkanes - 12 - ene - 3? , 23, 28 - three alcohol is stronger than glycyrrhetinic acid inhibition of tumor proliferation effect caused by viruses.

The origin and physicochemical properties of 18-beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid .

1 18-beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid  is licorice with three mushrooms of glycyrrhiza glycyrrhizae (glycyrrhiza).

After hydrolysis, the product of the two molecules of glucohyaluronic acid (FIG. M) was removed. It is often

The chemical structure is similar to that of the adrenal gland.


2. Pharmacological research.

The study shows that 18beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid  has anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-allergy, blood lipids, and town.

Cough, asthma, expectoration and other main functions. In addition, the study found 18beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid .

It has been used to improve the hearing resistance of the inner ear, the antihypoxia, and the anti-arrhythmias.

It has anti - HIV activity. Also in the application of liver disease.

Breakthrough was also made, and the basic mechanism of protecting liver and inhibiting liver cancer in 18beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid  was tong.

The adsorption capacity of hepatocytes against hepatotoxic compounds. Such as the Nose m.

People use 18a-Glycyrrhetinic acid  with a stronger adsorption performance than 18a-Glycyrrhetinic acid  for tetrachloride induced liver.

Cytotoxicity assay demonstrated the ability of hepatocyte to resist hepatotoxic compounds.

The adsorption capacity is parallel. Japanese scholars use 18beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid  to suppress the compound DEN.

The induction of carcinogenic effect of (N. 1, 2, ethyl-nitrosamine) was tested in this group.

The total inhibition rate was 63.3%, compared with 86.70% in the other control group. With hopes

Yao et al. found that 18beta-ga could inhibit the co-induction of tetrachloride and ethanol.

The combined activity of NF-KB was increased in liver injury rats.

When 18beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid  high concentration directly inhibits the activity of ribosomes, it produces cytotoxic effects.

In addition, studies have shown that prolongation factor ef-1 and ef-2 are also induced by high concentration inhibition. Long-term high doses of 18beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid  can lead to high blood pressure, sodium retention, hypotension and chronic renin - angiotensin.

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18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid.jpg

18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid.jpg

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