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Listing of Useful Plants of the World

Jan 15, 2018

NOTICE: Information on the background to this Listing is available. The analysis of numbers of papers/mentions over time was completed in 1997, using the Agricola database (1970-1996). Hard copies of the Listing (553 pages; over 4200 new crops listed with the analyses of numbers of papers over time included) are available from the publisher, Dr Rob Fletcher; see Advice on Publications Available.

The references listed below are from the Biological Abstracts database (1988-2000) and are courtesy of SilverPlatter Information. For more information re Silverplatter, go to 

Glycyrrhiza glabra


Analysis of numbers of papers/mentions over time (Agricola database 1970-1996):

Common Name(s): licorice syn liquorice syn common licorice syn liquorice reglisse
Crop Use(s): medicinal crop=beverage
Reference Source(s): kochhar, rehm, sturtevant
Number of Papers/Mentions: 177